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About Us


To present and develop new Canadian works to our communities while facilitating a safe learning environment for the growth of artists and creatives.


The problem we saw...

In a world that glorifies innate genius and rewards perfectionism, the room for those who must slowly and steadily grow their craft is shrinking. As a team, we have met many talented emerging artists who are intimidated to pursue the theatre industry. Overwhelmingly, the growing perfectionism of the film industry has spilled over into live theatre and the industry's expectations of incoming artists. We believe that the opportunity of imperfection and unreplicable moments is what makes live performance so special. In correlation to this, we also noticed an unproportionate level of well-known new Canadian works and mainstream Canadian playwrights, composers, directors, and performers.


The problem that we see is the lack of middle ground and low-pressure areas for learning and development.  We see two sides of a canyon. On one side stands the ready and willing stage enthusiasts and on the other side the networks and resources to create art and initiate conversations for a wider audience. Many talented writers, directors, composers, and performers must jump off the cliff but only those with the perfect form can make it to the other side. 

Our solution...

Our solution is to build a bridge. A facilitated environment that is dedicated to growth, education, and development. Growth of the participant's skills and confidence, education of the tools and networks available, and development of ideas and materials that will become new Canadian art. Like a bridge made of many parts, our solution would include the participation of many artistic members of our community and will be done through a workshop and feedback format. Our solution is not to be the destination but to be the First Steps of the journey.

Our core company values:

  • Create a safe and supportive environment throughout the entirety of each project;

  • Facilitate positive connections and networks within the community; 

  • Empower all participants to take risks and respectfully give feedback;

  • Foster new original Canadian works.

Our Solution
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