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Alexandra Rizkallah

Marketing Director

Alexandra Rizkallah has grown drastically in the past six years. Six years ago, she was heavily involved in hockey and soccer and had no interest in theatre. She needed an art credit to graduate high school so she took drama in grade 10 due to her brother’s recommendation. Not even halfway through this course, Alex realized that this was something that interested her. She began to learn and appreciate more aspects of theatre which developed a new passion within her. By the end of this course, she had a love for theatre that would grow exponentially. She thanks her teacher and mentor John Leverre for this passion and foundation in her life as she knows it and she would not have grown as much without him. 


The next year Alex dove headfirst into all things theatre. She became a dramatic arts executive, a member of the improv team, a co-director (While The Lights Were Out), and performed in her first musical (High School Musical). The art and the family that came with the NCIVS drama program are something Alex is forever grateful for. They gave her another home and helped her find something within herself that she couldn't have done without them. This year is when Alex also started working at her first theatre company ‘Theatre 42’. This was an incredible opportunity that taught her so many things about every aspect of theatre that has helped her become the well-rounded artist she is today. 


Her final year at high school provided a large amount of growth and opportunities in theatre. She was the president of the dramatic arts, created and directed her first paid audience show, was the captain of the improv team and was the lead in the school's play (The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza). This year was filled with joy but also struggle to find a balance between theatre and stem. She thanks her mom, friends, and mentor for helping her find a balance in all her passions. 


Alex headed off to the University of Western Ontario for a major in biology and a minor in theatre studies. She became a Theatre Western (TW) Executive, a lead actress in the musical “Theory of Relativity” with HUDS, produced TW’s Purple Shorts One-Act Festival, was a member of Comedy Western’s improv team, and was an ensemble member in TW’s musical “The Wizard of Oz” (canceled 5 days from opening due to covid). This is where she was able to meet Josh and Laura which is one of the best outcomes of the entire experience as she is continually grateful for their support and friendship. 


Covid-19 hit and created unprecedented times for the entire world. Theatre was one of the industries that was hit the hardest. Alex had to help tear down ‘Theatre 42’ which she loved very much. She is nevertheless grateful for every experience she was able to acquire there and brings what she learned from it and the people in every project she takes on.

The second year of her university career began and the world was very different. However, theatre was still dedicated to going on. She became TW’s Director of Promotions, co-director of TW’s ONERUN Cabaret, a performer in TW’s “Drink To Me Only” and a writer and actor in TW’s Purple Shorts One-Act Festival. She also got the opportunity to direct an amazing show for Black Swan Production Company called “A Little Big Thing”. What was thought to be a very bleak and isolated year was able to provide her with connections and out-of-the-box experiences that she is incredibly grateful for. 


Currently, she is thrilled to be working for us, First Steps Theatre, as our marketing director. She is also directing two of our shows “Hopscotch” and “Boundaries” for our Virtual Experiment Festival (June 19, 2021) and later for the Mississauga Multilingual Fringe Festival (August 18-22, 2021). She is ecstatic to be able to bring her years of experience in multiple different facets of theatre to our table and is honored to be part of the team. 


She would like to thank everyone who has helped her to get where she is today as she knows the person she has become would not be possible without them. Especially her mom. Thanks mom!


This is Alexandra Rizkallah. We hope you enjoyed getting to know her as we have.

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