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Anti-Racism Statement

First Steps Theatre was created from a desire to support and foster emerging Canadian theatre creatives. We believe that the Canadian voice at large and the work that we develop is infinitely more rich and rewarding when all perspectives and experiences are represented in our company, our rehearsal rooms, and our performances. 


We recognize that systematic racism permeates Western society from its foundations to the present day. The theatre industry is not and has never been, separate from these systems. 


First Steps Theatre recognizes that we were founded by white individuals. We recognize that our producing city of London, Ontario has a long history with racism and white supremacist groups that can still be seen today. 


We reject these groups, these actions, and these ideologies. Any racist or discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated by First Steps Theatre.  


We welcome stories written from Black, Indigenous, and People of colour (BIPoc) perspectives and we commit to carefully listening and consulting with BIPoc theatre creatives. We also commit to continually reflect on our actions and ideologies and seek accountability both as individuals and as an organization. 


We stand in solidarity with those who are bravely making their voices heard in protest. We grieve those around the world who have lost their lives due to ignorance and hate. 


We commit to using our resources to combat racism in the productions we develop and in our company at large and encourage our community to hold us accountable and engage us in meaningful conversations.

Mental Health Resources:

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